Phyllis Diller


For my A to Z challenge I am focusing on people who found success later in life.  My D is comedienne Phyllis Diller.

Interesting Facts:

–  Phyllis Diller studied piano for many years.  She only decided against a career in music because she felt she couldn’t achieve the same level of skill as her teachers and mentors.  For a span of 10 years (1971-1981), Diller appeared as Dame Illya Dillya, a piano soloist, with over 100 symphony orchestras across the country.

–  I’ve seen multiple clips of Diller claiming a book called The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol as the reason for her success.  She said she read it and reread it for 2 years marking the book and studying it.

–  She did a 3-month run on Broadway in Hello, Dolly in 1969.

Route to Success:

–  Diller started her career on the radio in 1952.  Soon she began filming a TV show.  After doing radio, TV, and stand-up gigs for several years, Diller began working with Bob Hope in several movies.  She went on a USO troupe tour with Hope to Vietnam in 196.

–  Her career is full up films, TV appearances, voice over work, stand-up, authoring several books, etc.  She was simply a funny woman who worked hard.

My Take Away:

During one of her interviews, Diller claimed constant self-improvement as the reason for her success.  She worked at herself every single day!  Looks like I have a ton of work to do.

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