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I’m a Kansas farm girl who stormed the big city to earn a theatre degree only to find myself on the dark side of thirty married, infertile and wondering what the heck to do now. These musings and stories are my way of searching for answers. Be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly of uncertainty. If you can’t handle the ugly side of life or like to correct bad grammar – go away! If you can hang with me, you might be rewarded with an occasional laugh.

After three moves in the past two years, we have landed back in the South.  Our family of four including my spoiled pooches, Saphron and Othello, have recently welcomed our adopted daughter, Baby Bug into our hearts.  In my spare time, I keep training and competing in 5Ks and writing.  My works in progress include a non-fiction piece about my crazy adventures and a historical fiction piece involving community theatre, time travel and the MacBeth curse.  While I enjoy writing short stories, these longer pieces have been a fun challenge.

I’m passionate about theatre, recycling, reducing, reusing, writing, strawberries, my family, traveling, reality TV and jelly bellys.

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