D’take on 10 on Tuesday

I’m doing my usual 10 on Tuesday with The Chronicles of Marla but in honor of the A to Z challenge I am using 10 D words to describe each one. 

1.  Deadline – Two days left to sign up for my Blogger Blog Design Giveaway here.

2.  Distress – I have five people arriving in two days.  My first company since moving so I’m completely unprepared.  I’ve tossed photos up on the walls, washed the bedding and tried to shove the unpacked boxes into neat piles in the spare rooms.  I don’t want my company afraid of falling boxes.  I still need to scrub the floors, walls, carpets, counters and husband.  In addition, I just booked three more friends for next month.  Savannah has made me very popular.

3.  Distraction – I’m always distracted by the tags on other people’s clothes.  How they peek out at me and mock me knowing I’m too chicken to tell the person about this runaway tag.  

4.  Decorating – I have been decorating.  Since we have moved three times in the two years, I haven’t really taken the time to actually decorate.  I love hanging up my art and pictures. 

5. Disturb – I’m disturbed by people who wait until they are told their total in the grocery store line before they dig in their purse for their checkbook.  Really?  Didn’t know you would have to pay?  Check doesn’t write itself.  I’m most disturbed by the amount of rage with which I could shove her checkbook up her….Oh never mind.  You get the point.

6. Delightful – I am delighted that in a few weeks I will be sitting in the park at the amphitheater listening to Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band.  How awesome is that? 

7. Date- Last Friday, Hubby and I did another adventure.  We headed out to Tybee Island for some seafood and then went hiking at Fort Pulaski.  It was extremely windy but we had a nice leisurely afternoon of walking for several miles.  

8. Debt – Last week I paid off another one of our credit cards.  We are getting so close to debt free.  One more year!  

9. Despise – I despised yesterday.  My grandma’s drawing fell seconds after hanging it shattering glass everywhere, I kept dropping things, I discovered I had the wrong size of blinds for the guest room which we bought too long ago to return, then my dog kicked me in the face knocking off my glasses and slightly getting his nail in my eye ball.  When I finally went to bed with a massive headache hoping it would just end I realized I didn’t think I had paid my credit card that was due that day so I rushed to the computer only to discover that the bill I thought I had paid off in #8 I actually paid the pay off amount to this other card.  So I made a payment on the card that was now not paid off and went to bed to weep. 

10.  Done – As in this list is done!   Back to another decorating debacle day. 

C is for Cause – A to Z Challange

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 – WeekWord folks – This week’s host is Christine E-E at Silver Linings 4 Me.

I got to thinking about Causes.  Most people have a Cause.  It is something that touches a core part of our being and impels us to act.  I think there is a huge difference between Casual Cause and Convicted Cause.

A Casual Cause is a Cause most people say, “Yeah, I agree,” but they don’t actually do anything about.  For example, most people feel that underwear should be worn on the inside of your pants and not the outside.  However, I’m not about to wrestle some guy to the ground and rip his underwear off because he is wearing them on top of his pants.   Besides he may actually believe he is Superman.

A Convicted Cause is a Cause that compels you to action.  It crawls inside your skin and says, “I’m doing this with your body.  Relax and enjoy the ride.”  It is not about sending a check(as helpful as that is), or retweeting a link, or “liking” on facebook. or sending good vibes in the general direction of the poor person you avoid on the street.  The Cause moves your body to action.   I thought about my friends and I could name a few Causes off the top of my head with which they were connected.  They hadn’t sent me a link or wore some button.  I knew because of their actions.  Where they physically put in their time.  So I sent off an email asking them about it because I figured they were too busy to promote it themselves. Here are two I got back.  I sent the email last minute so I’m not mad at the ones who didn’t respond. 

I started with myself because I believe in practicing what I preach.

What is your Cause?  I’m an uber-conservationist.   I used to say environmentalist but the term has been hi-jacked to mean so many other things I don’t believe so I changed.

Why is this Cause important to you?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  I was raised this way.  Farm folk by nature tend to be conservationists.  I just can’t stand to see anything go to waste.  I remember an old man once said to me, “I am sorry.  I want to apologize for my generation.  We believed what we were doing would improve the world but now I’m not so sure.”  He was talking about technology and advanced weapons.  He was from WWII.   I see his point and it sits in the back of my mind.  I don’t want to regret my actions and there effects on future generations.  The burden he carried was too heavy.

How do you participate?  I recycle just about everything.  I reduced the amount of stuff I buy to include less packaging, etc.  I reuse items or pass them on via freecycle or Craig’s.  Basically I over think every item I discard from my house or bring in.  I need to know there is a home for it besides the local landfill if at all possible.  It makes the few things I do have to trash a little easier to part with.   I don’t bang people over the head with my Cause.  I’m glad to inform when asked, help when needed and live by example.  I participate in local collection days.  I believe in the family farmer (as extinct as that is becoming).  While I don’t hunt and don’t really eat much meat, I don’t hate on those who do it wisely.  Not for fun but for food or to keep certain predatory populations down and protect livestock.  I’m a realist about what is possible for nature and man to live in harmony. 

Where does a person find out more about your Cause?  Google, books, local organizations, etc. 

Here is my first friend:

What is your Cause?  Scott County Humane Society   

Why is this Cause important to you?  To reduce the pet population

How do you participate?  I work weekly with the 4 paws clinic, a low cost spay neuter clinic, in my county.  They collect dogs and cats from the county animal shelter and find foster homes for them.  I do not at the moment foster because I already have 3 dogs and 2 cats of my own but would like to some day.  The Clinic helps everyone in the county and surrounding counties to help get their pets spayed and neutered.  Once a week we do feral cats…that is what is commonly known as barn cats or strays that have ended up at someone’s farm or neighborhood.  They are usually wild but often they really like people.  I help with the pre-op and post-op part of the surgery.  Just like humans they need help when they wake up from the drugs.  Knowing that they think ‘someone cares’ is how I feel about it.  

Where does a person find information about this Cause? SC4Paws.org on the internet  If anyone is interested in adopting a pet they can go to Petfinder.com …we are listed there as well

Who are you?  A “Strange” friend…ha ha 

Another friend said…
What is your cause? Breast Cancer awareness.

How do you participate? When October hits and the stores are full of pink things, I purchase pink. I evangelize when appropriate about getting a MaMo at the age of 40. AND detecting cancer early is the key for a cure. Self breast exams are important. I found my own lump. Its easy to remember…just do it on your birthday each month. My birthday is Jan 26. So every month on the 26th I do my self exam. …or try..;).

Now I see why the Cause is important to her but I, also, know she has a Convicted Cause in the Special Olympics.  I know she is too modest to talk about it but she puts in time not just helping at the events but leading up to events she and her husband are coaches for some of the athletes.  I love her even more knowing she would rather use this time to promote the Cause that saved her life and could save others than to even mention the Cause where she devotes so much of her time throughout the year. 

What about you?  Do you have a Casual Cause?  What is your Convicted Cause?  Do you see the difference?

B is for Balderdash!!! A to Z Challenge

I love a good game of Balderdash!  Oddly my hubby, who I can’t stand to play Scrabble with because he is too slow, is very good at this game.  So for the first time in my blog’s history, my hubby helped me out with a post.

Haven’t played Balderdash before?  What are you still into Candy Land and Sorry?  Balderdash is a sophisticated game of word play.  Ok.  Honestly, it is just a game where the best bullshitter wins.  A card is drawn and a word is read.  All the players make up their own definitions then all the definitions are read along with the real one.  Everyone guesses which one is the real definition.  If someone guesses your made up definition you get a point.  That is how the real game is played.  Today is just for fun.  We picked a couple of words and made up some definitions.  You get to pick what you think is the real answer.  Later I will update with the answers.  Or, since there are no prizes beyond glory, you can add your own definition or two in the comments if you feel inspired.  Let’s have some fun.  Oh and keep the google out of it please.  You are on scouts honor to just guess.  

1.  An invention proposed by Lillian Winslow, the British time-motion efficiency researcher.  The device was the culmination of the seminal 1962 Winslow-Taylor “A Study of Time And Motion In A Mixed Gender Work-Place Or Why Men Are Dreadful, Dreadful Pigs”.  The bumclock consisted of a large easily readable clock placed near or on the hind portion of a female office worker.  Along with the bummemo and the rather unwieldy bumplanographicprinter, the bumclock was devised by Lillian to ” allow the [men] access to their office tools without having to abstain from one bloody second of their insipid ogling.”

2.  A beetle resembling the June bug.  

3.  A rotary gear of a ratcheting type that allows the barsell-rig to be lowered and raised on a bi-trggaran type sailing ship.  “If you be eyen’ my rum, I be seein’ how far this bumclock can be loward’ down your riggans” – From Roselyn Lee Steven’s “Treasure Archipelago Or Why Pigs Make Dreadful, Dreadful Men” about her six month survival on a remote island with nothing but 7 farm animals, a copy of Treasure Island, and a packet of moist towelettes.

4.  A windup clock passed out to the homeless by a charity organization. 

1.  A popular wrinkle reducing cream in China, called 到, that sold very poorly in English speaking countries when the name was translated to baggywrinkle.

2.  An American nineteenth century pejorative used to describe the marks and creases left by stage coaches on women’s clothing. From Meredith Coxley’s letter to her sister provided in “A Gentle Woman’s Travels In The American Territories” “Oh Pipsy dearest, the good men of the Concord line do try so.  First with the pillows, then with the tightly bound antelope skin (mind the horns they say!), and lastly with the smoldering-hot slab of furnace heated iron.  Yet everything I must sit upon in that carriage produces these blasted baggywrinkles.  However my bum is rather warm now, which is duckie”.

3. The fourth qualitative state or property of boson particles.  Along with “snoggleflap”, “snerdjaggle”, and the lesser known “pppphhhhhhhtwhoopie”, baggywrinkle deals with the theoretical antisymmetric spin states of the boson particle.  From Andrew Pickning’s submission to “Particle Physics In Review”, “So I said, ‘Oh wow man, this totally baggywrinkle phenomenon I’m seeing’ and Harry said, ‘Yeah, I get it man’ so I said ‘No, I mean like Wow man’, and he said, ‘Dude I totally get it’,  so I said, ‘No, really WOW man’, so Harry…”

4.  A frayed rope on a ship.

I hope this post didn’t Boggle your mind.  Feeling inspired?  Make up some fun definitions for these words…

Bostruchyzer – A whisker comb
Bertholetia – Tall South American tree with nuts as big as a man’s head.
Bibliolator – A person who worships books.
Baldersnatch – A mythical monster so ugly, it defies description.
Bufagin -Substance obtained from the skin of toads.

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UPDATE:  Spoiler Alert the answers:
Bumclock – #2 Great Job Noemi
Baggywrinkle – #4  Hubby is feeling quite duckie about fooling everyone!
Glad everyone enjoyed the fun! 

Weekword: AMUSE!

Do I look amused yet?  
How about a joke? 
Knock. Knock.
Who is there? 
Banana who?
Knock. Knock. 
Who is there?
Banana who?
Knock. Knock. 
Who is there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?  
That amused you right?  
Certainly these websites will do the job if I can’t…
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If I missed you or you just decided on a whim to join in just let me know and I will add you to the list.  
Please note that some like to post on Saturday so if you don’t see anything there check back again. 
Still need a host for next week’s weekword.  Any takers?
Now how do you feel? 

Happy April Fool’s Day!!!!

This post combines Weekword and the A to Z challenge!  I am Queen of Multi-tasking!