Perfect Birthday Party at Hunter Cattle Company

I thought long and hard before I decided on a location for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  I wanted to be able to invite all of our friends, even the ones whose kids were not my daughter’s age.  I wanted it to be family-oriented.  My husband’s co-worker group is made entirely of non-Americans and they all tend to do everything as a family.  It had to be something my daughter would enjoy.  She loves animals!  I researched the Savannah area and picked what I thought would be the perfect location – Hunter Cattle Company.  It was a place for all ages of kids, plenty for the whole family to do and full of animals.


Activities included a petting area, egg gathering, games and a wagon ride into a pasture to feed pigs.


I made my daughter a scrap and ribbon skirt to go with her cowboy boots and John Deere t-shirt “Peace, Love and Tractors.”  A highlight of the wagon ride was getting to pet baby pigs.  The little guy I was holding was not a fan of my daughter and the feeling was mutual.  She carried a kitten around for 1/2 an hour as I was setting up, walked the chicken coop saying “Hi!” to every single chicken, walked a goat around on a leash and even kissed a goat as you can see above but she wanted nothing to do with holding a baby piglet.  I, on the other hand, could have held that baby all day long.


 The only glitches in the day had to do with the cake.  I got this amazing cake from Just Freshly Baked in Pooler, GA.  I picked it up and brought it home.  My husband went to transfer it from my car to his because I feared the cake and my toddler were not a good match in the same seat.  He tripped and dropped the cake.  Yes, my beautiful and awesome cake was a hot mess!  In an effort to save the cake and our marriage, he picked it up and ran right back to the bakery.  Not only did they fix it, but I think it looked even better.  I loved her cake.  I can not recommend Just Freshly Baked enough.  They won my heart and business in one day.


Then we forgot a lighter for the candles.  Never fear!  You can always find a light on a farm.  Best way to light candles ever.


I was lucky one of my friends is a talented Savannah area photographer, Minibird Photography.  She captured these shots and many more.  I like to follow her work via her webpage with its great blog posts of various sessions and on Facebook, Minibird Photography.

Everyone at the party had a blast including my lucky and happy 2 year old.  I would highly recommend Hunter Cattle Company for your next party.  They also  have a store selling fresh, organic, hormone free meat and other great local products, or you can find them at most local Farmer’s Markets.  Consider Just Freshly Baked in Pooler for your cake needs.  Just Freshly Baked has amazing cookies, cupcakes and donuts.  For energy while I was setting up my party, I had grabbed a bacon and maple donut when I picked up the cake.  It was awesome!  If you live in the greater Savannah area or if you plan to visit Savannah, consider booking a photography session with Minibird Photography.  She does amazing work.  We are already signed up with her to do our Christmas session on the beach next month.

I love parties!  This farm themed party was a blast!  What has been your favorite theme for a party?  Do you have a horror story of something going wrong at your party?

Full Disclosure:  I was not paid or asked to share my opinion about this event.  In fact, most people were paid by me for their services.  I felt the whole experience needed to be shouted from the rooftop for its awesomeness.  You are welcome.